Raise the Alarm Scheme to Protect our Churches

Published on 16th August 2017

There has been a major piece in the Eastern Daily Press newspaper highlighting the recent spate of lead thefts, with, on average, three to five buildings targeted every month.

The Roof Alarm Scheme has been launched by Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner (PCC) and it is also supported by the Bishop of Norwich and a number of other charities.  The scheme is backed by the EDP as part of their own Stop the Roof Raiders campaign which has already received £250,000 since launching last year.

From now on the aim is to raise an extra £300 for alarms, which cost between £2,000 and £5,000 each, to be placed at even more of Norfolk’s 650 churches.

One of our churches, the 15th-century St Nicholas Church in North Lopham, is the focus of a case study in the article as it has been a recent victim of lead theft.  PCC Secretary Jenny Vere has praised The Roof Alarm Scheme.  She said “It is a tremendous support from the diocese and just to know that the authorities care to that extent.  It has been so encouraging and comforting.”


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