CDM Principal Designer Service

Following new Health & Safety Executive (HSE) regulations (2015) a Construction Design Management (CDM) Principal Designer role has been introduced to all building contracts.  You must by law appoint a qualified person in this role at the start of a project to be involved throughout the design process.

Principal designers are required to:

• Plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate health and safety during the pre-construction phase;

• Ensure the project team work together to reduce risks, co-ordinate information, and generate solutions for construction, maintenance and cleaning that are as risk fee and obvious as possible;

• Generate and organise information for the health and safety file and hand this over at the end of their commission to you;

• Organise and ensure circulation of all pre-existing information on the project;

• Ensure that coherent pre-construction information regarding the project both prior to the current work and as generated by the team is handed over to the principal contractor.

Within our practice, Iain Walker is qualified to offer these Principal Designer services.

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